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I want to tell you why I love our Foaming Sugar Scrubs. I have tried all types of sugar scrubs, but I have never liked any as much as I do this formula.
I know you are probably asking yourself, “What makes yours different than any other?” Fair question. Let me tell you… 
The cane sugar has a light polish which means you can literally use this on your face and your “delicate areas every single day.” This leaves your skin looking and feeling Amazing…more healthy, vibrant, and bright.  
There are no greasy feels on your skin, in your tub, or in your shower. Huge bonus! This scrub also foams like crazy, but is mild enough to use on delicate skin. Our sugar scrubs will not dry out your skin but leaves it beautifully soft.

The fact that these scrubs are filled with essential oils and botanical fragrances makes them exponentially better for you than those that are made with synthetic fragrance oils allowing you an aromatherapy experience that is packed with natural health.