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Meet Melodie

Hi! I’m Melodie Barton, founder and owner of House of Cottonwood.  I started this company in 2017 to help people experience medicinal herbs in an everyday way through amazing bath and body products. ​

I am a certified Master herbalist, Certified Iridologist,
Aromatherapist, and lover of all things natural.  I have enjoyed making natural body products and creating unique items with my personal signature. I hand-craft all of my products in the Midwest. ​

Having always been drawn to plants and wildlife throughout my life, I never feel closer to God than when I’m walking through the woods.  I love nature and often find myself
daydreaming about walks in the forest. 

About Us

House of Cottonwood is a female-owned herbal and organic body product company that fully embraces all things natural.  All of our products are made with high quality, non-toxic ingredients. 

We NEVER use harmful colors or fragrances and NO petroleum ingredients; ONLY plants and earth are used to make our all natural lotions, foaming sugar scrubs, lip balms, salves, candles, hair products, room and linen sprays, bath bombs, etc. 

Our amazing products are made with medicinal plant-infused oils butters, and waxes, as well as therapeutic grade essential oils and botanical fragrances. These ingredients allow you the beautiful and beneficial experience of aromatherapy on your skin and in your shower or bath. 

When you use our products, you will find that our soap has a nice thick lather and amazing fragrance. Our foaming sugar scrubs gently exfoliate while leaving your skin very soft, yet it will not make your shower or tub greasy. All our all natural creams and lotions are beneficial to any skin type, and have no greasy feel. They absorb quickly into your skin leaving it beautifully soft.  

Let us not only meet your needs for healthy body and skin care as well as home essentials, but also to exceed your expectations of what a true aromatherapy experience can be. 

Don’t forget that our unique line of products make wonderful personalized gifts that say you really care.

I'd love to hear from you!

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